Lend a hand, explore creativity, solve a problem. Sound good?

Lend a hand

We are interested to hear from talented people who could work in our team

  • Dedicated to High Quality
  • A Steady Hand
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Experience of PA / Video / Recording
  • Proficient, Polished and Pleasant

Freelance film work

If your organisation needs an extra hand now and then

  • Flexible freelance
  • Experienced camera operators
  • Technical Assistance
  • Video installations
  • All Negotiable

Corporate and Academic

Our live video streaming service has many applications

  • Fully Managed Service, or part of a jigsaw
  • Full equipment and staff provision, saving ££ over in-house alternatives
  • Reporting, Social networking, Dissemination and Reach
  • All Negotiable

You Film, we Broadcast

If you are a videographer, photographer, event planner

  • You do your thing
  • We do ours
  • You can front the sale or refer
  • Don't lose the sale to a competitor!
  • All Negotiable

Now you can say "YES, No Problem."

"I know you'll produce a great video for me, but we are interested in streaming our event live. Can you do that?"

Would you like to work together?

I'd love to hear from you